Sunglo Portable Propane Patio Heater

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Stainless Steel

The Sunglo A270 portable gas patio heater runs on propane and is ideal for open patio designs. This portable heater can be moved easily from one location to another as needed. When the Sunglo Portable LP Patio Heater is used with a standard 20-pound propane cylinder, not included, the outdoor heater can be used for approximately six hours. Enjoy over 40,000 BTUs of outdoor heating power, and provide a warm, welcoming space for friends and guests. Portable heaters should generally be spaced about 12 feet apart depending upon the patio’s wind exposure. This outdoor patio heater uses a manual control system that does not require an electrical connection, and the DSI pilot ignition system is battery operated and makes lighting the propane outdoor heater easy and convenient. The large aluminum disk reflector featured on these outdoor patio heaters maximizes comfort, the aerated primary burner minimizes noise, and the 100% safety shutoff adds to the ease of use. The post and cylinder cover of the Sunglo radiant heater is available in several colors and finishes. Outdora carries a large selection of freestanding patio heaters and table top, ceiling, and wall-mounted outdoor heaters. Order your Sunglo patio heater today and enjoy radiant, long-lasting warmth for many seasons to come. The Sunglo Story The Sunglo Patio Heater™ was designed by Edwin J. Cowan in 1961. In developing the design of the “patio heater”, Mr. Cowan strove to achieve a balance between comfort and efficiency. The design would have to allow people to gather around the heater in both comfort and safety. The concept of a circular domed shaped radiant heater mounted on a raised pole achieved the balance Mr. Cowan was looking for in effectively broadcasting radiant warmth over a wide area. At first people could not believe that a gas-fired heater would have much effect warning people outdoors. The key was the infrared or radiant heat that transmitted warmth directly to people and objects without first heating the air. This same warmth you receive from a fireplace or a potbelly stove. People were now able to enjoy dining outdoors even when the night became a little chilly. As the popularity of me patio heater concept grew people found more uses for it. Patio heaters were seen at sporting events, fashionable resorts, weddings and grand openings. They kept many Hollywood stars warm between film takes.