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Hearth Stones are crafted with the same natural materials and four step hand finishing process as our fireplace surrounds.  Available in the same colors and finishes, hearth stones provide a coordinated and attractive foundation for a fireplace surround.

The Hearth Stones set includes three or four hearth stones used as a foundation for any fireplace surround. The width of the three or four hearth stones will be sufficient for most fireplace surrounds, however single hearth stones are available (sold separately) to expand the length of a hearth. Hearth Stones can also be installed directly on top of Hearth Riser Blocks (sold separately) to elevate a hearth.

A 3-Set includes 3 Hearth Stones (left, center, and right). Dimensions: 72”W x 20”D x 2”H

A 4-Set includes 4 Hearth Stones (left, 2 center, and right). Dimensions: 96”W x 20”D x 2”H